Eating Meat in Argentina

Argentina is known to produce some of the worlds best quality meats. At any given time there are around 50 to 55 million cattle heads in Argentina, meaning that the country has more cows than people. About 70% of all of Argentina cattle is bovine: Shorthorn, Heresford, Aberdeen Angus and Holando Argentina. Bovine meat production is an activity with a long history in Argentina, and one that is filled with tradition.

Argentina - Asado - Parrilla - Barbeque

Argentina – Asado – Parrilla – Barbeque

Argentina’s red meat is well known all around the world for its high quality. It has a color and taste distinctive from all others, a result from the treatment that the cattle receives. The cattle lives on wide and fertile fields, mostly in the Pampas region of the country, eating only the green pastures without additional hormones stimulation their growth. Walking across the open landscape, the cattle receives constant exercise giving the meats a low fat content. It also has a very tender texture because it is not allowed to reach full adulthood.

The Argentinean meats is high on Omega 3, a fatty acid that protects the heart; and another fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA, that has been studied as a cancer preventing substance and it is related to the reduction of body fats.

For these reasons, Argentina’s red meat is very sought after. It is less fat, has less cholesterol, and is also a good source of proteins and minerals essential for a good development.

If you happen to visit Argentina, one of the must-do’s is eating in one of Argentina´s restaurants or the typical “parrillas” (BBQ) to taste the now so classic “bife” or the more traditional “asado,” a favorite of any Argentinean wishing to eat good red meat, and a “plato tipico” (typical dish) for any reunion.

Cattle - Pampas Argentina

Cattle – Pampas Argentina

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  1. Fred
    Fred says:

    It’s a shame that the government is promoting (subsidizing) feedlots, ruining the quality of the famous beef.
    Hearing reports that Argentina might import beef for the 1st time, thanks to the Kirchners killing the beef industry, by not allowing exports.

  2. Ian Kath
    Ian Kath says:

    Although I’m not a huge red meat eater I do eat kangaroo here in Australia which is a much better environmental and health product than beef.
    I’m looking forward to trying the local Argentinean beef when I’m there in July. It seems in many ways that it may have many more benefits than beef from other places in the world due to the way it’s farmed and maybe it suits the environment better also.

    …And I’ve heard that you can eat it with a spoon 🙂

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Ian!
      Yes, you can!!! (It depends on the cut though) Are you going to be here for July 9th? It’s Independence Day and we are celebrating with lots of added entertainment and delicious and mouthwatering “asado” and empanadas at the Estancia. It’s a must not miss experience!!! Let us know if you will and if you will be able to join us!


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